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Exploring William Ellery’s Library

A few weeks ago Gabriella Angeloni spent a day at the Newport Historical Society, leafing through volumes from William Ellery’s library with Molly Bruce Patterson, NHS’s Collections Team Coordinator & Manager of Digital Initiatives. Ms. Angeloni is Curator & House Manager at the Miles Brewton House in Charleston, a doctoral candidate in History at University of South Carolina-Columbia, and former 2016 Buchanan-Burnham Fellow at NHS.  She and Ms. Patterson are working on a paper they will be presenting at Bibliography Among the Disciplines, an upcoming conference organized by the Rare Book School. The paper is titled “Reconstructing Reading,” and it examines the importance of books in Ellery’s life, while exploring how scholars and public historians can engage audiences by placing books in historical and personal context.

Read more about the project on Ms. Angeloni’s blog, South Carolina Commonplace

Image: volumes from William Ellery’s library, NHS Collections.