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Newport History Bytes: 50 Fast Facts


In 2011, the Newport Historical Society launched a blog to highlight tidbits of Newport County’s rich history. Intended to be a fast read, and to occasionally illustrate the countless aspects of historical popular culture that are connected to Aquidneck Island, it was an immediate success. After nearly four years of online publication, the society is pleased to debut this selection of Newport History Bytes: 50 Fast Facts. Featuring fifty of the most popular entries, it’s a fun read for anyone interested in Newport’s role in American history.

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Newport: A Concise History

41DnPCZrfhL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_ Newport: A Concise History, by C.P.B. Jefferys, is an overview of Newport’s history in about 100 pages. The six chapters cover: Newport Begins, 1639-1700; The Thriving Colonial Seaport, 1700-1770; The Road to Revolution, Economic Disaster, and Revival, 1770-1840; Queen of Resorts, 1840-1930; Recovery, Restoration, and Redevelopment, 1930-1976; Competing Three-and-Three-Quarters Centuries, 1796 and beyond This fourth edition is generously illustrated with historic images and black and white photographs. 112 pages. Published by the Newport Historical Society, 2008.

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The Lively Experiment: Religious Toleration in America from Roger Williams to the Present

51XlzOcLL8L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_Three hundred and fifty years ago, Roger Williams launched one of the world’s first great experiments in religious toleration. Insisting that religion be separated from civil power, he founded Rhode Island, a colony that welcomed people of many faiths. Though stark forms of intolerance persisted, Williams’ commitments to faith and liberty of conscience came to define the nation and its conception of itself. Through crisp essays that show how Americans demolished old prejudices while inventing new ones,The Lively Experiment offers a comprehensive account of America’s boisterous history of interreligious relations.

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