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Biography & Genealogy

Biographical and Geneological research is supported by the library and special collections at the NHS. An important section of the library collection includes published biographies, autobiographies, and diaries and journals of prominent New England personalities who had an important role in the founding and growth of Newport County and Rhode Island. The lives and writings of politicians, military heroes, theologians, and merchants are well represented in this growing collection.

The collection also includes census data and other indexes to Newport residents, occupations, and land use, as well as works on English and European families with known and suspected ties to early Rhode Island, such as Burke’s Peerage, History of the Commoners, Genealogical Gleanings in England, and American Wills Proved in London and Canterbury. Heraldry, including coats of arms used by many early settlers, is well represented in the collection, with updates by the College of Arms and the New England Historic Genealogical Society.

Reference and Research Guidelines

New England Surnames in the Newport Historical Society’s Genealogical Collections (Ever-Expanding)

A Abbott Acres Albro Alden Aldrich Allen Allan Allerton Almy Andrews Angell Anthony Arnold Ashley Ashton Astor Auchincloss Audley Austin Aylsworth Ayrault Ayres

B Babcock Bailey Baker Ball Ballou Banister Barber Barker Barlow Barnes Barton Baster Bateman Battey Baulstone Beere Belmont Bennett Bentley Bernon Billings Billington Blackmar Blackstone Bliss Boomer Booth Borden Boss Bowen Bradford Braman Brayton Brewster Briggs Brightman Brinley Brooks Brown Brownell Browning Bryer Budlong Buffum Bulgar Bull Burdick Burgess Burlingame Burrington Burton Butts

C Cadman Callender Calverly Card Carder Carpenter Carr Case Casey Caswell Chadwick Chaloner Chamberlain Champlin Channing Chapman Chase Chesebrough Chilton Church Claggett Clarke (Jeremiah, John, Joseph) Clemence Clifton Coddington Coggeshall Cole Collins Colvin Colwell Comstock Congden Cook Cooke Cornell Cory Cotton Cottrell Covell Covey Cowland Crandall Cranston Crawford Crossman Cushing

D Dailey Davis Davol Deblois Denison Dennis Derby Dexter Dickens Dodge Dolover Doty Downing Dungan Dunn Drexel Durfee Dwyer Dyre

E Earle Easton Eaton Eddy Edes Edmonds Eldred Ellery Emery England Esten Estes Evans

F Fairfield Feke Field Fish FisherFletcher Fones Foster Franklin Freebody Freeborn Fry Fuller

G Gammell Gardiner George Gibbs Gibson Gifford Gladding Goddard Godfrey Goelet Gorham Gorton Gould Grant Gray Green Greene Greenman Griffin Grinnell Grosvenor

H Hagger Hall Halsey Hammett Hammond Handy Harding Hargill Harrison Harndell Harris Hart Havemeyer Havens Hawkins Hayes Hazard Hazleton Head Hearnden Heath Hedley Hefferman Helme Hicks Higgins Hill Hilliard Hiscox Hobson Hodgson Holden Holder Holliman Holmes Honyman Hopkins Horgan Horswell House Howard Howe Howland Hubbard Huling Hull Hunt Hunter Hutchinson

I Inman Irish

J Jacques James Jefferay Jenckes Jennings Jeoffreys Johnson Jones Joy

K Kenyon Kilton Kirby King Knight Knowles Knowlman

L Ladd LaFarge Lake Langford Langworthy Lanphere Lapham Larkin Lawton Lay LeRoy Lewis Lilly Lippincott Lippitt Livingston Lockwood Long Lopez Lorillard Low Lucar Lyman Lyndon

M Macoone Malbone Malins Mallett Manchester Mann Manton Marbury Marchant Marsh Marshall Mason Matthewson Matteson Maxson Melville Mew Middleton Mitchell Moon Moore More Morris Mosher Mott Mowry Mullins Mumford Munday

N Newbury Nichols Nicholson Niles Norman Northrup

O O’Connell O’Neill Olney Osborne Overing

P Pabodie Paine Painter Palmer Parker Parrott Parsons Partidge Peabody Pearce Peckham Pelham Pell Pendleton Perry Phenix Phetteplace Phillips Pierce Pike Pinnegar Place Pococke Polock Pomeroy Porter Potter Powel Power Pratt Pray Priest

R Ralph Randall Rathbone Ray Read Reape Redwood Remington Reynolds Rhinelander Rhodes Rice Richardson Richmond Riveira Roberts Robinson Rodman Rogers Roome Rose Ross Rotch

S Salmon Salter Samson Sands Sanford Saunders Sayles Sayre Scott Scranton Searle Seger Seixas Shaw Sheffield Sheldon Sheriff Sherman Shippee Shotten Sisson Slocum Smith Smiton Snook Soule Spencer Spink Spooner Sprague Springer Stafford Standish Stanton Stapleton Steere Stevens Stiles Stone Straight Strange
Stuart Sturtevant Sullivan Sweet Sylvester

T Taber Taggart Tallman Tanner Tayer Taylor Tefft Tennant Tew Thomas Thorne Thornton Throckmorton Thurston Tibbitts Tilley Tillinghast Timberlake Todd Tomkins Torrey Tosh Touro Tourtellot Townsend Trevett Tripp Turner Turpin Tyler Tweedy

U Underhill Underwood Uthank Updike Utter

V Vanderbilt Vaughan Vernon Vickery Vigneron Vincent

W Wait Walker Walling Wanton Ward Warner Warren Waterman Watson Weaver Weeden Wells West Westcott Wetmore Westgate Weston Wetherill Whaley Wharton Whipple White Whitehorne Whitford Whitman Wickenden Wicks Wickham Wightman Wilbur Wilcox Wilkinson Willett Williams Wilson Winans Winslow Winthrop Wodell Wood Woodman Woodward Wooley