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House History & Marker Program

Historic House History

Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House

Wanton-Lyman-Hazard House

This research service provides a history of specific houses and buildings in Newport. This research, undertaken by the Society’s research librarian, includes a summary of the building and a chronology of events that occurred concerning the property and its occupants. Our vast collection includes directory listings, obituaries and biographical information. Photographs and graphics can be provided to shed light on the importance of the property.The Historic House History is a valuable service for use by real estate companies, architectural firms, builders and home owners alike.This service is provided by the Society’s staff and is usually available within six weeks at a cost of $100 per history.

Let the Society help you learn about your property. For a sample Historic House History report please contact NHS Research Librarian, Bert Lippincott, at 401-846-0813.

Historic House Marker

To complement its Historic House History program, the Newport Historical Society offers the Historic House Marker. Similar in look to some existing house plaques, the Historic House Marker provided by the Society includes a number of significant facts.

Researched by the Society staff, the Marker can include the name of the property’s original owner, other important owners, owners’ livelihoods, property name, year built, renovation dates and other pertinent details.

In order to qualify for a Marker the building must be at least 50 years old and the Society must have documentation of original ownership on file.

The Historic House Marker is a valuable service for use by real estate companies, architectural firms, builders and home owners alike. Additionally, it serves as public acknowledgement of your house’s significant history.

This service, provided by the Society’s staff, is usually available within a month at a cost of $225 per marker.

For a sample marker, like the one pictured below, please contact the staff at the Society.

Total outside dimensions: 16 1/4 " wide x 12-1/2" high

Total outside dimensions: 16 1/4 ” wide x 12-1/2″ high


Historic House History – $100 each

Historic House History & Historic House Marker – $325

A purchase of the history and marker includes a one-year Household/Family membership in the Society, a $100 value.

If you would like to order a house history or marker, please call the Newport Historical Society at 401-846-0813.