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Recent Acquisition: Page from William Ellery’s letter book

Last week, the Newport Historical Society acquired a page from a letter book belonging to William Ellery, Newport ‘s signer of the Declaration of Independence. The page has been returned to its original location in the letter book at NHS, after having been missing for decades.

Ellery wrote the draft letters on this page in March of 1797. One is addressed to Oliver Wolcott, Jr., successor to Alexander Hamilton as Secretary of the Treasury. This is not the only Wolcott related item among NHS’ s collections. His father, Oliver Wolcott, Sr., was a former Continental Army officer, signer of the Declaration of Independence, and 19th Governor of Connecticut. NHS has a locket in its collection

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Big Ideas for a Changing World: 2017-2018 Essay Competition

During the 2017-2018 academic year, high school sophomores have the chance to enter a unique essay competition sponsored by the Newport Historical Society. This writing contest, entitled Big Ideas for a Changing World, asks students to explore the question, “What is happening now in your community, or what could

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A Conversation with Liz Mees

Guest post by journalist Brian Hubert, who is chronicling the work of the History Space initiative. He recently interviewed Liz Mees, a regular participant in the Newport Historical Society’s living history programs, about the nature of this work, and how she came into it.

“Today people in the funny clothes just isn’t enough,” said living historian Liz

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