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History Bytes: Gas Lighting in Newport

During much of December in Newport, sunset is stuck at 4:16 P.M. and people are scrambling to accomplish outdoor tasks before the street lights come on.  Street illumination with candles and smudge pots can be traced back centuries, but gas lighting in America can be credited to David Melville

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Found: John Arnold’s Marine Timekeeper #4

A marine pocket watch, believed to have been made as part of the race to determine longitude at sea, was recently authenticated by curator of Horology, Rory McEvoy of the Royal Observatory, Royal Museums Greenwich, England. Mr. McEvoy verified that the pocket watch is #4 in a series of

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Director’s Note Fall 2016

The Newport Historical Society has loaned one of its most evocative artifacts to the National Museum of African American History and Culture, which just opened in Washington, D.C. A religious spirit bundle, placed by an enslaved individual under the floorboards of his living space in Newport, is now on

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