Common Burying Ground mapping project

August 10, 2012

Vernon Stone This summer, Rebecca Soules, 2012 Buchanan-Burnham intern, created the prototype for a digital map of Newport’s Common Burying Ground that will mark and identify gravestones within the burying ground. With over 7,900 gravestones, some dating back to the 1660s, the Common Burying Ground is the largest colonial-era cemetery in Newport. Thus far, approximately 700 out of the 7,900 gravestones have been added to the map.

Primarily intended to map religious affiliation within the burying ground, each of the icons on the map is color-coded according to the deceased’s religious affiliation:

White — Religious Affiliation Unknown
Red — Trinity Church (Anglican/Episcopalian)
Blue — 1st Baptist Church
Purple — 2nd Baptist Church
Turquoise — 7th Day Baptist Church
Yellow — 1st Congregational Church
Green — 2nd Congregational Church
Grey — United Brethren Church (Moravian)
Brown — Society of Friends (Quaker)

Click HERE to view a full page version of the map or see below. You can zoom in closer to look at individual gravestones. Click on any of the icons to learn more about the deceased.