Recent Acquisition: 1974 America’s Cup buttons

October 2, 2020

Buttons from the 1974 America’s Cup trials. 2020.014.001-.003, Collection of the Newport Historical Society.

The Newport Historical Society recently received a donation of three buttons from the 1974 America’s Cup race. The race, held in Newport, featured the match up between the US defender, Courageous and the Australian challenger, Southern Cross. The donor notes that the buttons were given to him by a member of the Southern Cross team while he was working at Carrella Pharmacy on Thames Street that summer.

The buttons feature different slogans, including “Keep the Cup” which the crew of the Courageous successfully did. The Courageous beat out several other vessels to become the defender of the cup including the Intrepid, which had won the previous cup in 1970. Support for the Intrepid to defend the title is evidence by another button which features the Intrepid and reads “Defending The America’s Cup 1974.”

The Newport Historical Society thanks John Carrellas for the generous donation of this piece of Newport’s history.


Banner: Postcard depicting boats and navy ships in the East Passage after an America’s Cup race. 2009.3.26, Colllection of the Newport Historical Society.