Recent Acquisition: A Day in the Life of a Milkman

November 17, 2020

The Newport Historical Society recently received a donation of a scrapbook detailing “a day in the life of a milkman.” The scrapbook, compiled in the 1940s, records the history of Newport Creamery at that time. Newport Creamery was started in 1928 by Samuel M. Rector, John Jessey and William Houlihan. Rector became the sole owner in 1933. The business originally began as a wholesale delivery service and in the 1940s shifted to the milk bar (restaurant) model it is known for today.

Highlights from the book include: notes from customers to their milkmen with orders; newspaper clippings concerning Newport Creamery employees; and a packet of thank you notes from a school trip to Newport Creamery.

The Newport Historical Society thanks Judy Rector for the generous donation of this piece of Newport’s history.