Annual Fund Appeal

Keep your connection to history with the Newport Historical Society


We expect that organizations like the Newport Historical Society will be interpreting and discussing the year 2020 for decades to come. In fact, we are already trying to make sense of the events unfolding around us. That is the value and the strength of the NHS; with almost 170 years of practice behind us, and a forward-looking mission to guide us, we are devoted to helping the community to know, understand and find inspiration in our local and national history.

Even now, as we continue to live within the grip of the pandemic, the NHS is offering opportunities for history programming and education. Join us, if you can, for:

  • Our Civic Conversations series, as we try to make sense of current events and put them in historical context.
  • A walking tour of downtown Newport or the Common Burying ground, offering an inclusive, fact-based history of our City and its inhabitants.
  • A visit to the Colony House this summer and talk about the Revolutionary War period with costumed interpreters.
  • Many ways to explore our dynamic web presence, which offers a menu of multi-media routes to access Newport’s history, including our History At Home and Know Your History.

As an institution that has become increasingly public facing over the past dozen years, NHS worked hard in the past dozen weeks to transform its programs and offerings so that they are accessible on the web. We think we have been very successful. But, little of this effort is directly income generating, yet.  NHS has been proud of the degree to which we have learned to expand our audiences and earn income before 2020 – this effort must be renewed for the realities we face now, with limited visitation in real life that may persist through 2021. Success will leave us stronger than ever, with increased relevance to a broad and growing audience.

What that means, of course, is that donating to the 2020 Annual Fund is a direct investment in the NHS’s vibrant and successful future. Join the growing number of members and friends – old and new – who have jumped in to donate to the Fund. Please use the attached materials or go to and be a part of the future of your Newport Historical Society.

Click here to make your Annual Fund gift today in any amount.



Ruth Taylor,

Executive Director,

On behalf of the NHS Staff


Paul McGreevy,


On behalf of the NHS Board of Directors