Virtual Tour of the Museum of Newport History

The Newport Historical Society and Museum of Newport History Present: History in 360°

This tour was made possible through the efforts of Peter Hanney of Hanney Property Solutions, who contributed Matterport digitization of the Museum of Newport History,
and Jessika Davis, who arranged digital exhibit text. 

The Museum of Newport History is open by donation to the public year-round, which is made possible through the generosity of our patrons and visitors. If you cannot visit Newport, or are not yet ready to visit, Newport’s endlessly interesting history is accessible from the comfort of your home. Please enjoy a virtual tour of the Museum, or scroll down to complete the museum Scavenger Hunt! Donations may be made online by clicking the link below.


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Museum Newport History Scavenger Hunt

Kaitlin Costley, 4th grade Social Studies & Science educator in the Carroll County School System, Georgia, created this resource to help teach history remotely using our 360° tour!


To access this resource using Google Slides, or to download the images, click here!

Compiled by Kaitlin Costley, NHS Buchanan Burnham Fellow (2015)