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Newport History is the flagship peer-reviewed publication of the Newport Historical Society. Published since 1912, it is one of the oldest journals in America. More than 340 issues have been produced, with over 1,000 articles about Newport County’s rich and storied history. Newport History is a blend of scholarly writing and reminiscences, and is richly illustrated with period photographs, maps, and engravings.

Call for Submissions

The Rhode Island Historical Society and the Newport Historical Society will publish the second themed “combined issue” of their respective peer-reviewed journals in the Spring of 2022, entitled The Bridge. This is a call for article submissions on or before January 15, 2022. We seek article submissions which re-contextualize the Gaspee Affair within the broader imperial crisis of its era, with a focus on such topics as other acts of colonial resistance to the crown prior to the Boston Tea Party; a better understanding the Gaspee Affair within the development of global capitalism; situating the role of enslaved and indigenous people in forms of colonial resistance in Revolutionary War period; examining the ways in which the Gaspee has been remembered, reconstructed and recast in various moments of American history; and a better understanding of how communication about pre-war acts of resistance helped to form regional identities that carried into the New Republic period.
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