Know Your History

Resources on Historical Topics Relevant to the History We Are Making Today

There are long stretches of our lives when it seems that nothing will ever change, and then, in a moment, everything is changing. As we live through this time, with disease, economic uncertainty, and social unrest, history can help us with empathy and understanding.

‘Know Your History’ will now be a web presence and a focus for NHS. Here, we will try to connect our audiences with historical information that is relevant to the moment and what is happening in the world. Direct parallels to the past are not the point; rather we hope to address questions like “how did we get here?” while we struggle to answer “and what are we going to do now?” For the moment, this page will offer resources on Newport and Rhode Island’s history relative to people of African descent and Native Americans, on the history of protest and suffrage, and on religious toleration.

The resources displayed here will change as we develop and discover new ones. Look here, too, when new controversies and events begin to unfold. We will continue to try to provide useful data from the past.

Know Your History Modules

For a holistic view of Newport’s social, political and religious history, we encourage you to explore each of these interrelated modules.

  • Rhode Island's BIPOC Heritage

  • Suffrage and Civic Engagement

  • Religious Toleration

  • Women's Rights and History