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  • NHS Collections Online

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  • Finding Aids

    Guides to manuscript collections
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  • Finding Native Americans in the Historical Record

    A digital exhibit
  • History In the Making Archive

    Video interviews chronicling the history we are making now
  • Mapping the Newport Experience

    Case studies examining the city's urban history
  • Newport Seen

    Digital archive of an online magazine
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  • Stamp Act Newport

    Experience the 1765 Stamp Act crisis in this interactive history adventure
  • Stamp Act Crisis Timeline

    Events leading to the riot in August, 1765
  • African American Church Membership of Hotel Era Newport

    A Story Map that pairs mapped census data with information from church records
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  • Newport History Videos

    Watch and discover Newport history
  • Newport History Online

    Journal of the Newport Historical Society, available to subscribers
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  • Spectacle of Toleration

    Does religious tolerance lead to a society that is more productive, creative, and energetic—more intellectually, culturally, and economically rich?
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