Staff and Governance

  • Ruth S. Taylor

    Executive Director
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  • Ingrid Peters

    Deputy Director and Director of Education
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  • Christine Gorham

    Business Manager
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  • Emily Hughes

    Assistant Manager of Museum & Shop and Education Coordinator
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  • Bertram Lippincott III

    Librarian and Genealogist
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  • Sarah Long

    Manager of Academic Services
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  • Bridget Newton

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  • Tracey Mencio

    Assistant Business Manager
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  • Asa Montgomery

    Facilities Manager
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  • Molly Bruce Patterson

    Collections Team Coordinator and Manager of Digital Initiatives
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  • Heather Rockwood

    Development and Marketing Associate
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  • Elizabeth Sulock

    Curator of Living History
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  • Adams Taylor

    Adjunct Curator
  • Jenna Teachout

    Manager of Museum & Shop
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  • John Tschirch

    Visiting Curator of Urban History

Board of Directors - Officers

Paul McGreevy


Nancy Parker Wilson

1st Vice President

Dwight Sipprelle

2nd Vice President

Nancy Cardoza


Douglas Newhouse


Dennis McCoy

President Emeritus

Thomas P.I. Goddard

President Emeritus


David Brodsky

Richard I. Burnham

Dr. Elaine F. Crane

Nancy Cushing Evans

Jessica Hagen

Anne F. Hamilton

Harriet Harris

Susan Jacquet

Elizabeth Leatherman

Diana Pearson

Leadership Council

Sylvia Brown

Richard C. Crisson

Ronald Lee Fleming

David B. Ford

Edward W. Kane

Michael C. Kathrens

Matthew Keagle

Karen Lloyd

Robert Manice

Philip C. Marshall

Liz Mauran

Doug Riggs

Pieter N. Roos

Susan Sipprelle

Gerald W. R. Ward

Edward L. Widmer