Photography, Reproductions & Image Use

Digital Image Requests

NHS provides digital images of collection materials for educational, commercial or personal use. Fees apply. Purchase of images does not convey permission to reproduce or publish these images; including in web and social media posts. See below for more information on obtaining permission to publish. To request an image reproduction, please click the button below.


Download Image Request Form


Personal Photography

NHS allows monitored personal photography of manuscript and artifact collections for research use only, with some limitations and restrictions. See our Personal Photography Policy and Agreement for more details and fees.


Download Personal Photography Policy and Agreement

Photography Rules and Regulations/Reproductions

The Newport Historical Society’s special collections and archives may be photographed or photocopied by NHS staff only. We provide digital scans of images and items from our collections for educational, commercial or personal use. Purchase of digital prints and scans does not imply permission to reproduce or publish these materials. For information on publication and exhibition of items from our collections please see Collection Use Policy below. We reserve the right to restrict photography of copyrighted, culturally sensitive or physically endangered materials.


Image Fees

Collection NHS Members* Students* Non-Profits Non-Members
Photo Archive (Hi-res digital scan -300 dpi JPEG) $20/ image $20/image $20 / image $25 / image
Photo Archive (Lo-res digital scan – watermarked, 150 dpi JPEG) $5/ image $5 /image $5 / image $5 / image
Manuscript Collection Staff Photography*** $50/hour** $50/hour** $50/hour** $75/hour
Object Collection Staff Photography $50/hour** $50/hour** $50/hour** $75/hour
Photocopies $0.30/page $0.30/page $0.30/page $0.30/page

*NHS membership card or student identification required.

**This fee will be charged if a work must be retrieved from storage or installation, or if an object from the Photo Archive requires more complicated photography preparation.

***Manuscript photography will always include watermarks, unless permission to publish is also conveyed at the time of purchase.

NOTE: NHS reserves the right to preclude objects, archival materials or photographs from digitization if deemed necessary.


Permission to Publish

Images from the NHS collections may be published or displayed only with the written consent of the Newport Historical Society. Permission is granted for one-time, non-exclusive use only. All subsequent and additional requests must be made in writing. Individuals who wish to obtain permission to publish must complete and submit our Permission to Publish Form.


Download Permission to Publish Form


All researchers who wish to use images from the NHS collection for purposes other than research or personal use must secure written permission to publish and pay an additional use fee. Fees associated with publication and broadcast usage are available below.

Examples of uses* requiring an additional fee:

  • Publication in a book or article.
  • Use as a visual aid in a public lecture or program.
  • Use in promotional materials for a public lecture or program.
  • Display in a museum exhibit.

*These are only some examples, additional fees may be required for uses not listed above.


Use Fees

Click the button below to view a detailed table of image and use fees:


Download Fee List



The Newport Historical Society does not own copyright on all collections in its holdings. Researchers who obtain permission to reproduce images are responsible for securing copyright from the persons or organizations that hold copyright. We will assist you in determining the copyright owner to the best of our ability. The charging of fees is based on the NHS’ physical ownership of images and not on copyright.



For any questions, or to request images, please email or call 401-846-0813, ext. 190