History Bytes: Easton’s Beach Pavilion

February 19, 2015

When the temperature finally rises above freezing, thoughts of the beach will come to mind. The Pavilion at Easton’s Beach was built in 1887 by the firm of Peabody & Stearns. In 1902, with the help of private donors, the facilities were enlarged and assumed the appearance of a Mediterranean Villa, complete with bath houses, restaurants, a merry-go-round and roller coaster. All buildings were swept away during the Hurricane of 1938. Most of the present structures date to 1992.

Above: Color postcard of Easton’s Beach, circa 1930.

Easton’s Beach Pavilion, Peabody & Stearns, circa 1900.

“Refreshment Stand & Dairy Bar [Newport Creamery]”; taken by City of Newport’s Recreation Department, 1957.