History Bytes: The Statue of Liberty is also tied to Newport

July 28, 2011

Image courtesy National Parks Service

We recently visited Emma Lazarus’s presence in Newport and her poem at the Statue of Liberty. Since all people, places and things revolve around Newport, we are compelled to expand upon the subject.


The French sculptor of the Statue of Liberty was a frequent visitor of John LaFarge’s studio in Newport and designed the statue of Christopher Columbus on Elmwood Avenue in Providence, cast in bronze by Gorham in 1893.


Prior to designing Ogden Goelet’s Ochre Court in Newport, Hunt spent years drafting plans for the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty. It was finally completed in 1886, with a last minute infusion of money from publisher Joseph Pulitzer.


Mayor of Newport 1876-1879 and owner of the Malbone estate. He descended from Isaac Bedlo of New Amsterdam, first Dutch owner of Bedloe’s Island in 1653, where the Statue now stands in New York Harbor.