Engaging Practitioners and the Public

NHS’s History Space seminars assist practitioners of public history and inform the public about topics and issues in the field. They present an opportunity to build consensus in the field about what public history is and what best practice looks like, and to participate in a potentially national conversation about how we think about our past.

Myth, Memory, History and Heritage

On Friday, March 23, 2018 the Newport Historical Society and the Rhode Island Historical Society hosted a joint program at Newport’s Colony House for “Myth, Memory, History and Heritage,” a panel of public historians. The panel discusses, for an audience of practitioners and the public, questions about how members of a large and diverse “we” perceive the past, and how differences in perspective can have consequences when we try to wrestle with current issues together. How can historic site managers and other public historians approach the myths that families and populations have repeated for generations when scholarship reveals something different? How should we approach cultural differences in how we think about the past? What roles can historical societies play in improving the level of historical literacy in our audiences (and why do we care)?

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