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Newport Historical Society's Year in Review 2021

How does the Newport Historical Society manage five historic properties, a museum, an active practice of supporting research by scholars and others, a unique living history program, and a menu of tours, programs and lectures for guests of all ages? Join us in celebrating the ways NHS has remained nimble and continued to serve our audiences in 2021, even as the world around us has changed, sometimes with dizzying speed.

History in the Making: An Interview with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse on the Storming of the Capitol

The Newport Historical Society recently sat down, by Zoom, with Senator Sheldon Whitehouse to collect his experiences at the US Capitol on January 6th, 2021 for the archives. This “history that we are making now” is a new emphasis for the NHS; we are living in clearly historic times that should be recorded for the future. Senator Whitehouse’s account of his personal experiences during the attack on the Capitol is elucidating and chilling.

Living History and Lectures Online

As part of our History at Home Initiative, the NHS regularly produces video interviews with living historians, academics and more! Please enjoy this exclusive discussion of 'Newport: The Artful City' with author and architectural historian John Tschirch. 'Newport: The Artful City' is a richly illustrated portrait of Newport, Rhode Island as a work of urban art, from colonial times to the present, both documented and celebrated in the maps, paintings, photographs, poetry and prose of renowned artists and writers.

Colonial Newport: An American Experiment

A documentary exploring the founding and colonial Golden Age of Newport, Rhode Island.

Life During the Battle of Rhode Island

On Saturday August 25, 2018 the Newport Historical Society hosted its 5th annual summer living history event. This video captures highlights from the event, which featured life for Newport, RI residents during the Battle of Rhode Island in August 1778.

A Naval Impressement Reenactment

In June, 1765 violence erupted in Newport when locals, angry at the British Royal Navy's practice of impressing men into their service, captured a Royal Navy long boat, dragged it through the streets, and set it on fire in the center of town. This reenactment event was hosted by the Newport Historical Society in August 2016.

John Arnold's Marine Timekeeper #4

From the collections of the Newport Historical Society, a marine pocket watch believed to have been made as part of the race to determine longitude at sea, was recently authenticated by curator of Horology, Rory McEvoy of the Royal Observatory, Royal Museums Greenwich, England. Mr. McEvoy verified that the pocket watch is #4 in a series of five marine timekeepers made by John Arnold of London, circa 1772.

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