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Immersive Programs

History Space seeks to support the field of public history through education and demonstration. This work produces high-quality living history programs and events, including reenactments, traditional trade and craft demonstrations, and workshops. Seminars assist practitioners of public history and inform the public about topics and issues in the field.

Living History and Lectures Online

On March 25, 2021, the Newport Historical Society hosted Tom Shachtman for the virtual lecture 'How the French Saved America: Soldiers, Sailors, Diplomats, Louis XVI, and the Success of a Revolution.' French assistance was critical to America’s fight in the Revolutionary War, but the full story of France’s involvement is not often discussed. 'How the French Saved America' details this important story, from its intrigue-laden beginnings, to the financial aid and the military ventures that were at first disastrous but were later triumphant. It features iconic figures such as Lafayette and others who are not as well-known including Louis Duportail, who founded our Corps of Engineers, the Comte de Vergennes, France’s pro-American foreign minister, and Admiral de Grasse, whose insistence on taking his fleet to Yorktown, over the objections of George Washington, produced the great Franco-American victory that ended the war. This talk was the first in a series of programs that highlight the French presence in Newport during the Revolutionary War. Other programs will include living history presentations, both socially distanced and online, a monthly French in Newport walking tour, and virtual lectures. More videos are available on our YouTube channel, which you can access by clicking the button below.

Featured Event: The 250th Anniversary of the Boston Massacre

On Saturday March 7, the Newport Historical Society partnered with Revolutionary Spaces, the new organization formed through the merging of The Bostonian Society and the Old State House, to present The Boston Massacre Reenactment and Commemoration. Over 100 costumed living historians traveled from 12 states and Washington, DC to convene in downtown Boston to illustrate the tensions that were present in March 1770, 250 years ago. Photos of the event are courtesy of Chris Lovell Photography and Elizabeth Sulock.

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A comment from the Newport Historical Society Youtube videos regarding the Living History Reenactment from August 2019.

“I was in Newport a month back and I had the fortune to witness another reanactment… this was about a ship seized by the British customs …and how the British Navy Captain is forced to set it free. I can’t tell you what great pleasure I had landing in the midst of Ladies and Gentlemen in period clothing.. so thoroughly immersed in their roles that at moments I had this feeling of having stumbled through a time warp. My hats off to all the gentle people and my gratitude to them for making my evening there a memorable one.” – Vinayak Angle

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