Recent Acquisition: Torpedo Station Employment Notification

December 23, 2020

Employment notification to Eleanor M. Driscoll. 2020.029.001, NHS Collection

The Newport Historical Society recently received a donation of a Navy Department employment notification directed to Eleanor M. Driscoll. The document concerns the status of her employment. It states that Ms. Driscoll’s employment is ended effective date October 5, 1945 at the U.S. Naval Torpedo Station in Newport, RI.

The Torpedo Station was authorized on Goat Island in July of 1896 and construction begun in August of that year. Its primary focus was on the research, development, experimentation and manufacture of torpedoes. During World War II, the Torpedo Station employed more than 12,000 individuals. Following the war, operations were reduced and it was formally disestablished at the end of 1951. It is likely that Ms. Driscoll’s employment ended as a result of this post-war draw down.

The Newport Historical Society thanks Joan Osborne for the generous donation of this piece of Newport’s history.

Banner: Postcard depicting U.S. Naval Torpedo Station from Newport Harbor, NHS 2009.3.98