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History Bytes: Summer Vacation Getaway

After a long winter in New York City, Col. Washington and Emily Roebling needed a break. In 1882 they rented “Blue Rocks,” the Lloyd Mayer house (later known as “Stella Maris”) at 91 Washington Street, and looked forward to a restful summer with a view of the harbor. Unfortunately,

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The Newport Historical Society Expands Program of Visiting Scholars

Continued Support by the Buchanan and Burnham Families
More than a decade ago the Newport Historical Society (NHS) began what is now an endowed program to bring young history scholars to the NHS each summer for research and training in the public side of history practice. The Buchanan-Burnham Summer

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History Bytes: Gas Lighting in Newport

During much of December in Newport, sunset is stuck at 4:16 P.M. and people are scrambling to accomplish outdoor tasks before the street lights come on.  Street illumination with candles and smudge pots can be traced back centuries, but gas lighting in America can be credited to David Melville

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